Co-director of AAP MSU Office, Jose Jackson-Malete, has recently had a chapter published! “Building Science Systems in Africa” is a culmination of a project focused on building capacity of African science councils to collaborate with each other and the private sector. The project was led by the African Centre for Technology Studies, the Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Research Organization (STIPRO), the Scinnovent Centre, and the Association of African Universities. Jose Jackson, alongside co-authors Karin Dyason, Dipalesa Mpye, and Zimasa Sobuza, wrote the chapter “Building Sustainable Research Management Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa” which discusses the increasing professionalization of research management.


The e-book is made available open access on the ACTS website and also the SGCI website.


Authored by:
Maddy Futter
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AAP Bridge

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