'Semantic Gyrations' - When are Naartjies oranges? Beneath the surface of ABSA Bank Limited v CSARS

This case note sets out the facts, issues, judgment — including submissions — and comments and analysis of the Absa case. The analysis of the case unearths a disjointedness between the legislature’s intention and the wording of certain administrative provisions, and criticises the ability of the administrative provisions contained in various tax Acts to work in concert with one another. A review of these administrative provisions by the legislature may be warranted in the light of this case. Furthermore, the judgment could also impact the interpretation and application of similar terms used in the reportable arrangement section of the TAA.
The analysis also exposes some causes for concern regarding the interpretation of the GAAR that may undermine its ability to combat tax avoidance and suppress the mischief of taxpayers. Consequently, until possible appeal, this judgment may have far-reaching effects on the GAAR if the precedent set here is followed in other courts.

Authored by:
Pidduck, T. Swanepoel, S.
Posted by:
AAP Bridge

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