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Advisory Board member publication on technology in Africa's Higher Education

AAP Advisory Board member, Paul Zeleza who is Vice Chancellor and Professor at the United States International University- Africa, has recently co-authored a piece published by The Elephant.  


Within the report, Zeleza and Paul Mzee Okanda provide a detailed analysis of technological opportunities in Africa’s higher education which were unveiled by covid-19. They argue that investment in High Performance Computing platforms is essential for the development of solutions to societal, scientific, and industrial challenges in Africa.  


We invite you to join African universities in this great calling and journey to transform higher education on this continent to educate, skill, and empower the youth to fully participate in their countries’ socioeconomic development. At stake is not only their future, but the future of the African continent and humanity itself, as much of this humanity becomes increasingly African.  

Authored by:
Maddy Futter
Posted by:
AAP Bridge

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