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Collaboration and Connection with Malawian Policy Institutue

As AAP Senior Advisor, MSU faculty and lead PI at the MwAPATA Institute, Dr. Thomas Jayne states “local institutes working on the ground can produce insights that are valuable to international researchers. There are important benefits for MSU to be engaged in these processes.”


Highlighting this ongoing collaboration between MSU and African institutions, a recently published article by the MSU College of Agriculture & Natural Resources (CANR) focuses on the MwAPATA Institute. This agricultural policy research think tank provides well-needed Malawian contributions to policy outreach, research, coordination and capacity building. AAP celebrates our Senior Advisor, Prof. Thomas Jayne, and Africa Officer Director, Prof. Richard Mkandawire, for their significant efforts within the MwAPATA Institute!


To read more about the MwAPATA Institute and its AAP contributors follow this link:

More information MwAPATA’s website can be found here:


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Maddy Futter
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