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Africa Past and Present Podcast: African Sports Studies (ep 30)

Check out this podcast from Matrix: the Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences and the Department of Hisotry at MSU!


"In this episode, Dr. Gerard Akindes discusses his experience playing and coaching basketball in West Africa and Europe, and evaluates the prospects of the new Basketball Africa League. He considers the role of "electronic colonialism" in a changing sport media landscape and then reflects on his work advancing African scholarship through research publications and through Sports Africa, a coordinate organization of the U.S. African Studies Association that he co-founded in 2004."


Here is the link:;!!HXCxUKc!hObxORTy0n-bBMe5kVD4_jKz5Dofcp-uVBmltNqs7GdwfilTm7c19FREo-3gvmKNhw$


This podcast can also be found on Apple podcast and similar outlets. 

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